The San Diego Music Foundation has a long and proud history of sharing the value and joy of music with people throughout San Diego County. The Guitars for Schools program was developed in 1990, in partnership with Taylor Guitars, to introduce the guitar to music curricula in San Diego County schools, both as a way to augment existing programs and to offset the loss of arts instruction due to budget cuts. The guitar’s familiarity and popularity among young people makes it an excellent tool for getting them interested in music, and in the performing arts in general. Throughout the life of the program 2,978 guitars have been used by over  60,000 K-12 students in more than 85 schools from San Ysidro to San Onofre. In 2014, a partnership was established with Deering Banjos, creating a Banjos for Schools program for San Diego County children.


For more information about the Guitars for Schools Program click here.

For more information on the Banjos for Schools Program click here.