This is it, your chance to help the San Diego Music Foundation keep music in schools and instruments in our children’s hands. Over the past 28 years we have served over 56,000 K-12 students in more than 80 schools all over San Diego County.

Your donation, of any amount, takes us one step closer to making music education a reality for everyone.


$5 – will allow one student to participate in guitar classes for one year
$10 – will allow two students to participate in guitar classes for one year
$20 – buys a new set of strings for one guitar
$50 – buys guitar straps for all of the guitars at one school
$100 – buys tuners for all the guitars at one school
$200 – will purchase 1 brand new guitar for one of our participating schools
$350 – buys strings for all of the guitars at one school
$500 – pays for one teacher training (up to 6 teachers)
$750 – buys an accessory pack for one classroom, including strings, straps, pics, capos and tuners
$1,000 – pays for one master class for middle and high school students
$2,000 – buys a set of 10 guitars for one school
$2,500 – buys practice amps for one high school classroom
$4,000 – buys a classroom set of guitars for one school

To donate, please mail your donation to:

San Diego Music Foundation
4876 Mount Royal Place
San Diego, CA 92117


Volunteers are an invaluable part of achieving the San Diego Music Foundation’s mission and running the day to day operations and events.

The volunteer spirt is thriving at The San Diego Music Foundation and we are so grateful to all of the people who are always there to help.

You can sign up to volunteer by clicking here.