The San Diego Music Thing

Music Uses for TV & Film, and what you need to know about Sync Licensing.

Saturday June 9th 2pm-4:30pm
at Cinematic Arts & Sound in Oceanside
302 Oceanside Blvd. Oceanside, CA 92054
(Oceanside Blvd exit West. one and half blocks west of Coast Highway).

This panel will give a basic overview of
Licensing your music, music uses and syncs licensing 101.
A panel of industry experts offer up their experience and knowledge to bring attendees
an overview of what all artists should know about Licensing their music.

This panel will cover the basics of:
Licensing: how it works, what it is, and which songs are most likely to be synced;
Types of uses; Protecting your music; Key terms to know and understand;
Who you may be dealing with to try to get your music placed;
Knowing your value and knowing your client when negotiating those uses.

Panel Synopsis:
Licensing your work to T.V., commercials, film, internet and video games introduces your music
to new audiences and can be a great source of income. Let these industry panelists explain how to
protect yourself while also helping you understand the potential opportunities that licensing can
bring to your career. The panel will discuss the basics of dealings, of income that derives from track placements
and the different levels of uses involved.We will also look to touch upon topics like:

Are TV, cable and games uses the new radio? Does Radio play break an artist, or is it a TV sync?
Understanding your rights related to Streaming and Blogs.
How are play-listing and taste making different for TV and Radio, and how do supervisors and DJ's curate their shows?
Planned panelist include representatives such as Music Business Attorneys, Music Supervisors,
Music Composers, Artists, Record Label and Managers.

The San Diego Music Thing panel will be held
Made possible by the San Diego Music Foundation.


The next San Diego Music Thing panel is scheduled
for August 25 at Chuk Alek Biergarten in North Park

Why Understanding Music Publishing Is So Important for Independent Artists:
The panel will discuss how to set up your own publishing company and copyright your music.
What is a PRO and getting registered with one. How income is generated for a track. music publishers
will discuss registering, licensing, copyrighting and protecting songwriter's copyrights and how income
is generated for your music written and/or performed. The panel will discuss the basics of master &
mechanical royalties and other income that derives from track placements.